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Our Work

The work of the Blackwell School Alliance spans over nearly two decades — rooted in our community and dedicated to uplifting undertold stories in service of completing American history. Our early days were filled with bailes, raffles, and reunions. We embarked on a journey to reclaim our stories, unearth our heritage language, and share our experiences with anybody who would hear us.

People listened.

On October 17, 2022, President Joe Biden signed the Blackwell School National Historic Site Act. This bipartisan legislation authorized the designation of this one-room adobe schoolhouse as a National Historic Site. Prior to this, Blackwell had achieved designations on both state and national registers of historic places. 

The Blackwell School Alliance is currently working in partnership with key stakeholders to achieve the transfer of the Blackwell School premises to the federal government. We are also engaged in ongoing organizational development to grow our capacity and prepare to engage in our mission more broadly.

Below you can explore information on a few of our efforts. We also welcome you to visit the Blackwell School in person. 

Education Resources

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