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Images and Voices from the Archive:

A historic walking tour of Marfa from the point of view of students of the Blackwell School

In 2019 the Blackwell School Alliance partnered with Borderland Collective to do something new. We created a walking tour around Marfa using historic school photos and interviews from our archive. If you are in Marfa, look for our free newspaper all around town--including the Library, City Hall, and the Visitor Center. The newspaper has a map, plus more photographs and stories. 

If you are not in Marfa, or mobility is an issue, visit our Soundcloud Page to see the photographs and listen to the stories. 

Listen to an interview with Borderland Collective on Marfa Public Radio.

Listen to an interview with Alice Rivera, a member of the Broncos girls basketball team now on display as part of the walking tour.

Take a virtual tour below, and find all the audio links on our Soundcloud Page

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