The Blackwell School Alliance (BSA) is hiring a temporary, part-time Volunteer Coordinator (VC). The BSA resources associated with the former Mexican American school in Marfa and seeks to share these stories with audiences near and far as part of our understanding of the Blackwell School as a nationally significant story in understanding a fuller American history.


Job Description

The VC will formalize our volunteer program and recruit volunteers for a wide variety of tasks and projects. The VC will work under contract, expected part-time for up to six months. Pay is negotiable based on experience. The VC will report to the BSA Board of Directors and will be advised by the Board President. The VC will provide a weekly update to the Board President. The position takes place in Marfa, TX. There is no office to report to, and VC is expected to work in their own space, community spaces, and occasionally in the Blackwell School. VC can set their own schedule.


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Formalize Volunteer Program, contributes to BSA Volunteer Handbook

    • Reviews rules, expectations, and best practices for BSA and volunteers

    • Enhances tasks and projects available to volunteers

    • Evaluates method for documenting volunteer work and hours

    • Advises on a system of recognition for volunteers

  • Recruits 20 or more recurring volunteers for needed tasks/projects


Skills and Experience

  • VC has 2 years experience in organizing and working with volunteers

  • VC has significant community connections in Marfa, and preferably speaks Spanish and has family ties to the Blackwell School

  • VC enjoys calling, emailing, and instigating direct contact with people in Marfa

  • VC creatively networks to find interested volunteers

  • VC represents BSA with good cheer and sensitivity to story

Got questions? Send us an email. 


Apply by sending a cover letter and resume to blackwellschoolmarfa@gmail.com

Applications due:

Friday, June 4, 2021

The Blackwell School Alliance expressly prohibits any form of workplace harassment based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.