The Blackwell School is closed indefinitely due to the CoronaVirus. 


Normally we are open every Saturday, and we will be again when we feel it is safe for our community to do so. Thank you.

The Blackwell School is located at the corner of Waco and Abbott Streets in South Marfa. From the 4-way stop light, go two blocks west and three blocks south. 

In 2007 a group of former students got together to save their original school building that was threatened with demolition.

Today the Blackwell School Alliance works to preserve and restore the historic school building; interpret and commemorate the era of segregated Hispanic education; and serve the Marfa, Texas, community culturally, historically, and educationally for the benefit of all Marfa residents and visitors, now and into the future.

The Blackwell School has photographs and memorabilia on display that have been donated by students. 


You can take a virtual tour by clicking open the slide show below.

Sharing stories, honoring memories, celebrating the rich Hispanic culture and history of Marfa.

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